Packaging Design | 2019


On February 2019 I was commissioned by Chinowski Garachana (musician and sound hacktivist) to design the sleeve artwork for his album Schizophonies of a Gentrified City, a six-parts fragmented composition in which the author criticises the gentrification of the streets of Málaga's old town and the situation of culture and arts in the city.


Provided with a structured set of graphic resources from the artist and entrusted with absolute creative freedom, I designed a sleeve's art aligned with the album's sound concept: a minimalist collection of tracks made of drones, grainy textures and field recordings from the streets of Málaga.


Light, grainy and almost atonal on the outside; dark, enriched with text and pictures but still minimalistic on the inside, the whole design process for this project took just two weeks for its completion (plus an extra week for its print production): a CD in a cardboard sleek cover, with a folded inlet included inside.


Art direction Alexis Cruzado
Packaging design Alexis Cruzado
Sleeve art's pictures Chinowski Garachana et al.
Printing Directdisc
Label Oigovisiones Label
Packaging design Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Photoshop
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