Packaging Design | 2015 - 2016


From November 2015 to September 2016, I joined Talius Technology (a Spanish brand focused on marketing online and in store tech products to a general, wide customer target) as a graphic designer, with hands also set on the copywriting in Spanish of simple commercial texts & its translation into English. But, most of all, my work there was all about coming up with attractive and creative packaging designs, since the key factor in the company's marketing strategy revolves around products appearance: applying an eye-catching design to any product packaging (as well as snapping a good set of photos of it) was essential.


My duties at Talius Technology covered the whole range of tasks involved in the production and marketing of any product nowadays: from contacting the Asian supplier to collect further info on the product and its package diecut (overseeing their production works in China), to writing and translating into english the product's commercial description, generating also pictures for social media and in store applications (such as posters and catalogues) to help its marketing and positioning.


When working on the packaging design of each product, I usually created and developed a visual style according to the product's appearance and commercial name, thus delivering every time a packaging with an unique branding, tailored to the particularities of each product. The whole process was always carried out in a mostly agile and fast process: often, the complete development of a product was allotted a maximum of 3 weeks.


Supervision Pablo Pineda
Art direction Pablo Pineda
Packagings designs (on products displayed) Alexis Cruzado
Branding & illustration Alexis Cruzado
Packagings designs Adobe Illustrator
Products llustrations Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Photoshop
Products photos Adobe Lightroom | Adobe Photoshop
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