Illustration & Graphic Design | 2012-2014


"In a post-apocalyptic world, ruled by strict regulations and surveillance, where life on Earth's surface is almost impossible, what better thing can you do than to go enjoying a morning at the beach? Just until someone unexpectedly shows up." That is the premise of "Paraiso Beach", a short film and crossmedia audiovisual project by Biktor Kero which took two years to be completed and garnered several awards.


As in every film project (much specially in a project that would spawn its story throughout different media such as film, video creation and comic), setting the tone always comes first. Thus (and drawing our inspiration from sci-fi films and other creative sources — music and books), we set the graphic universe of the project around a gritty and grungy look and feel, made of grays, earthy tones and an odd-futuristic typeface and design style.


Every film project development process is marked by three phases: pre-production, production and promotion. For two of them (pre-production and promotion) I designed some very specific applications made to help the Production Department achieve its goals.


A project with an universe strongly based on the differences between social strata needed a series of logos to identify them, both on the film and in the works derived from its script. Thus, I designed three logos: one as an emblem of the Great Colony (home of the two leading roles of the short film and of the community to which all the characters in the story belong to), another for the Collectors of the Great Colony (the social class its two protagonists come from) and a third one for the Great Coloniy Police (the social class to which the character in conflict with the leading roles belongs to).

PARAISO BEACH | Teaser poster #01
PARAISO BEACH | Teaser poster #02

Although the project's script got a nice budget from Málaga's 22nd Fancine festival, at the initial phase there were still lots of extra funds and backings to be collected in order to make possible running the whole production. Thus, a complete dossier (with all the technical, artistic and budgetary information of the project) plus a series of two teaser posters were created to support the work of the short film's Production Department.


Just as the short film's editing phase was finishing, the promotion phase began, targeting festivals and competitions. Thus, and continuing with the teaser posters series' look & feel, I designed an official poster and a DVD, along with a promotion dossier where the whole finished project was explained: its plot and the film derivations throughout graphic and audiovisual side creations. Alongside, and in order to fulfill the crowdfunders rewarding strategy, I designed a collection of merchandising items (such as badges, stickers and t-shirts) which, adding with copies of the DVD, a comic book and a copy of the official poster, were gifted to the people who supported the film via crowdfunding during its pre-production phase.

Paraiso Beach was a very long work process that, nonetheless, got several awards, such as the "Best Project" award at the Fancine UMA festival (2012), "Best Direction - Short Film Category" award at the Festival de Cine Español de Málaga (2014) and "Best Project Special Prize" at the Málagacrea competition (2014).


Art direction Biktor Kero, Juan G. del Pozo, Alexis Cruzado
Illustration Alexis Cruzado
Brand design Alexis Cruzado
Posters design Alexis Cruzado
Dossiers layout Alexis Cruzado
Web design & developing Cromatiu
DVD design Alexis Cruzado
Merch design Alexis Cruzado
Illustration Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Photoshop
Brand design Adobe Illustrator
Posters design Alexis Illustrator | Adobe Photoshop
Dossiers layout Adobe InDesign
DVD design Adobe InDesign
Merch design Adobe Illustrator
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