Illustration & Graphic Design | 2010-2012


A girl and a boy date one night. They enjoy themselves so much and get along so well that they end up in her place. But trouble will start brewing as soon as they find out that something key to crown that fantastic night is missing.

That's the plot behind "Un Petit Détail" by Biktor Kero, a short film which pays homage to the Nouvelle Vague cinema by telling the story of Sara and Nico and their fleeting adventures on one summer night in the city. I supported the project from its beginning, getting involved in the creation of its visual universe.


The first step was setting the tone for the project's branding: its aesthetics (dreamy, naïve), its color palette (rich, rosey, sensual) and font families (vintage, but elegant and clear), all drawn from the short film's main inspiration — the playful yet experimental Nouvelle Vague's aesthetics and the objects that summed up the core of the story (a condom and a consuming cigarette; a couple of movie tickets and some pieces from the Jenka game).


Since the project would take as long as a year and a half to complete, my work was divided into two phases: the preproduction and promotion stages. Different applications were made progressively and according to the needs of each stage of the project.


In order to make this short film possible, the main goal at its initial phase was to gather the highest possible amount of supporters and fundings. Thus, I designed a complete technical & artistic dossier (along with two teaser posters) to support the work of the project's Production Department towards these goals.


Once completed the short film's edition process, the promotion phase began. In order to help the project compete in contests and festivals, I designed a series of applications that expanded further the aesthetics of its visual universe, such as an official poster and a DVD with postcards inside, all printed in full color on white cardboard.

A landing page was designed as well to help positioning the project online, by adapting into a simple layout the graphics from the DVD and the official poster.


Art direction Biktor Kero, Alexis Cruzado
Illustration Alexis Cruzado
Posters design Alexis Cruzado
Dossier layout Alexis Cruzado
DVD design Alexis Cruzado
Web design Alexis Cruzado
Web development Fermín Pérez
Illustration Watercolor | Scanner | Adobe Photoshop
Posters design Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Photoshop
Dossier layout Adobe InDesign
DVD design Adobe Illustrator
Web design Adobe Fireworks
Web development WordPress | PHP | jQuery | HTML5 | CSS3 | JavaScript
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