Brand Design. Web Design | 2012


Film producer, director, scriptwriter and long time friend Rakesh B. Narwani asked me, back in 2012, to collaborate in a very personal project: the creation of his personal brand, which I helped him define around some of his most defining traits, both as a person and a film author.


The clear and vintage brand's visual concept revolves around Rakesh's passion for classic cinema and his main professional scope: screenplay writing.

Thus, the tone and structure for his personal branding was built upon just one color and two typefaces, consistent with his background and profession: the typewriter-like font for the film scriptwriter; the widely used - in film posters and credits rolls - sans font for the director.


Since this was a brand for an audiovisual creative, a basic stationery (letterhead, envelope and business card) was needed to meet everydays needs, along with a personal website in which to display Rakesh's core of services and professional portfolio.

RAKESH B.NARWANI | Website [layout & navigation: click on pic]

With a clean and simple design, inspired on the classic film scripts’ look – typewriter font on white background -, this website was a bespoked work, in terms of design and coding. Although this website is no longer online, there is a video demo which shows what browsing the web page looked like.


Art direction Fermín Pérez, Alexis Cruzado
Brand design Alexis Cruzado
Brand applications Alexis Cruzado
Web design Alexis Cruzado
Web development Fermín Pérez
Brand design Adobe Illustrator
Brand applications Adobe Illustrator
Web design Adobe Fireworks | Adobe Photoshop
Web development WordPress | PHP | jQuery | HTML5 | CSS3 | JavaScript
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