Graphic Design & Illustration. Motion Graphics | 2022


Transdisciplina A/V is an audiovisual collective that, since 2016, curates live events in which generative art, electronic music and live visuals merge live. To help promoting online the celebration of their 21st edition, I was entrusted the design of its main advertising application: an original poster.


The art direction for this project was based on the common feature of the event's lineup: almost all the artists came from the Oakland (USA) noise scene. Thus, the poster for T# 21 had to reflect such sonic and visual rawness plus the pleasure of being surrendered to them.


The design for the motion poster was built from a video asset, Cube's music, and several layers of noise generated in Adobe After Effects. Movement, glitches and transitions were generated exclusively using expressions (JavaScript code snippets).


Art direction Alexis Cruzado
Design Alexis Cruzado, Alejandro Lévar
Sound Cube
Video Cottonbro Studio
Motion graphics Alexis Cruzado
Design Adobe Photoshop
Motion graphics Adobe After Effects
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