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Film post-production and VFX specialist Biktor Kero established himself as a freelancer in 2016, after a decade working in several companies' Audiovisual Department. A personal brand plus a website - where to display his portfolio and services - was badly needed to help him kickstart this adventure.


The visual design guidelines for this project were set towards Biktor's main request: to have something simple, yet attractive and polished. On that grounds, I created a single-page portfolio website, based on a restricted palette of colours and fonts.


The UI/UX main goal in this web project was to display the info about Biktor - his biography and portfolio of works - in the best possible way. Thus, copywriting played a vital role, not only in setting the tone for Biktor's personal brand, but also in generating a seamless, flowing narrative that offered a clear view of his professional scope and experience in a two-minute read.

Although this website is no longer online, there is a video demo which shows what browsing the web page looked like:

BIKTOR KERO | Website layout & navigation (demo)


This website's UI was based on a Bootstrap template, whose structure and appearance I modified extensively - using HTML5 and CSS3 - to make it fit with the copywriting narrative tempo.


Art direction Alexis Cruzado
Web design Alexis Cruzado
Web development Alexis Cruzado
Web design Adobe Photoshop
Web development Bootstrap | Sublime Text | HTML5 | CSS3 | JavaScript
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