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Kai Visualutions was a company founded by Marta Pavón and Maikel Ramírez. They made a name in the Málaga film scene over time but, in 2011, it was just a recently launched film production services business: from hiring freelance professionals and finding shooting locations, to helping with bureaucratic paperwork, they solved in advance all the needs and problems of a film shoot.


A solid branding plus a website - where they could show both their portfolio and services - were badly needed to help Kai Visualutions to stand out from their local competitors. Creative inspiration to solve this problem was drawn from Kai Visualution's core values.


Following the brand guidelines I set for this project, the UI/UX concept for Kai Visualution's website design was inspired in the travelling camera cinematic move, which I applied to the navigation transitions in between sections for both its desktop and tablet versions.

Although this website is no longer online, there is a video demo which shows what browsing the web page looked like:

KAI VISUALUTIONS | Website layout & navigation (demo)


This website was an original and absolutely bespoke project: it belongs to a time when web templates and Bootstrap were not as widespread as they are nowadays. Quirky as it may seem today, the entire website was built on a huge "map" in which each section was a stop. Thus, when browsing the website, the user actually "travelled" through it.


Art direction Fermín Pérez, Alexis Cruzado
Web design Alexis Cruzado
Web development Fermín Pérez
Web design Adobe Fireworks | Adobe Photoshop
Web development WordPress | PHP | jQuery | HTML5 | CSS3 | JavaScript
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