Brand Design | 2017


In 2018 the Spanish esports scene was very atomised and dispersed. Aware of this fact, the CEOs of Giants Gaming saw an opportunity to prevail - while helping to regulate the ecosystem: they created ACE ("Asociación Clubes Esports"), an association of Spanish esports clubs which encompass to this day the most important ones. But, in order to launch the project, a brand image and a website were required.


I worked on the visual design of this project based on the idea that it should convey the feelings of the keywords - "uniformity", "strength", "unity", "success" - that I was given for its creative development. Thus, I presented two different yet similar - in their boldness and colour palette - logo proposals.


Once the logo was chosen, I designed the most important corporate applications for the communication and marketing needs of the project: rollups, letterheads and email signatures.

Along with these corporate tools, I designed a website which, in addition to showing the associated clubs, was made to explain what ACE is and how to join the association

ACE BRANDING | Brandbook [onclick]


Art direction Beatriz Luque, Dan Algarra
Brand design Alexis Cruzado
Brand application Alexis Cruzado
Web design & developing Dan Algarra
Brand design Adobe Illustrator
Web design Adobe Photoshop
Web development Bootstrap | Sublime Text | HTML5 | CSS3 | JavaScript
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