Brand Design. Web Design. Motion Graphics | 2016


BoomBox was an itinerant audiovisual project that multimedia artist Azael Ferrer conceived to tour cities, festivals and unconventional spots with a ludical device, made to make everyone that came across its path get evaded from the limited and boring experience of urban spaces. The BoomBox was a mobile sound system built by the sculptor Fran Coronado and designed to house an autonomous light and sound projection system inside.


In addition to a brand design, a dossier, a promo video and a website were needed to help explaining the project to festivals and cultural institutions: sound systems are uncommon outside certain underground cultural scenes and geographical areas - such as Oakland, London or Berlin. Therefore, I carefully bended every project's conceptual and visual detail towards a clear branding and communication strategy.


Brand design   |   Dossier   |   Video   |   Website

This brand is conceptually grounded on the idea that we are like islands. Watched from above, islands look like isolated dots, unconnexed and set apart from each other. As a mobile sound system, the BoomBox's mission was to trigger festive situations which made people come together through a lights and sound show.

BOOMBOX | Brandbook [onclick]

Logo variations

Just as the BoomBox was a cube that gathered people around it with light & sound shows, I based the brand concept on the shape that results from putting a square into our three dimensional world: a hexagon, encircled by an array of dots, which represent a surrounding crowd of people approaching to it. Upon that scheme — and to complete the basic visual storytelling of the project, I designed a set of alternative versions of the logo, portraying every possible festive situation that could happen around the BoomBox.

BOOMBOX | Logo variations (left to right):
Lightbox | Sound System | Dance Floor | Open Stage | Art Installation | Party

Brand design   |   Dossier   |   Video   |   Website

Following the project's colourful, neon and playful (but clear) brand aesthetic, I designed a dossier explaining what the BoomBox project was about, which people were running it and how to contact them to book an event.

BOOMBOX | Read dossier: click on pic

Brand design   |   Dossier   |   Video   |   Website

In order to help brands and cultural insititutions understanding what a BoomBox show was like, a video of its first urban drift was shot, the which I completed with a motion graphics intro, plus some short texts displayed along the clip just to give some extra quick insight about the project.

BOOMBOX | Watch video: click on pic

Brand design   |   Dossier   |   Video   |   Website

Last but not least, a WordPress website was designed and developed, containing all these resources plus some extra information about the BoomBox project. Both dossier and branding (its application guide and assets) could be downloaded from a press and media section.

BOOMBOX | Website browsing demo: click on pic


Art direction Alexis Cruzado
Brand design Alexis Cruzado
Brand applications Alexis Cruzado
Dossier layout Alexis Cruzado
Dossier copywriting Azael Ferrer, Alexis Cruzado
Motion graphics Alexis Cruzado
Video recording Marina M Luna
Video edition Victor Meliveo
Web design & developing Pablo Pineda, Alexis Cruzado
Web copywriting Azael Ferrer, Alexis Cruzado
Brand design Adobe Illustrator
Brand manual Adobe InDesign
Dossier layout Adobe InDesign
Motion graphics Adobe Illustrator | Adobe After Effects
Video edition Adobe Premiere Pro
Web design Adobe Photoshop
Web developing WordPress | PHP | jQuery | HTML5 | CSS3 | JavaScript
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