Versus PC

Brand Design | 2017


Versus PC was a brand focused on a single marketing mission and niche: to build up powerful computers for gamers. During late 2017 I was entrusted its visual branding restyling, which looked a bit oddly and dull by that time.

Caption | Versus PC original & very 1st logo. Namely: my starting point


Outcomes for this project were hard to get: several different restyling propositions were made upon the client's request, having each and everyone a distinctive visual code.


After a couple of months working hard on a logo which could be applied into several different mediums and sizes without losing legibility, it was a cinch creating all the applications needed for Versus PC’s products - a metal badge, a packaging box - and marketing comms - a video for web and social media-.

Versus PC BRANDING | Brandbook [onclick]


Art direction Beatriz Luque, Dan Algarra
Brand design Alexis Cruzado
Brand application Alexis Cruzado, Beatriz Luque
Motion graphics Biktor Kero
Brand design Adobe Illustrator
Brand manual Adobe InDesign
Packaging Adobe Illustrator
Motion graphics Adobe Illustrator | Adobe After Effects | Cinema4D
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