Art Direction. Brand Design | 2019



By mid 2019, Versus PC CEOs made a decision: the brand should switch from selling powerful PCs to a sole niche - gamers - to a wider range of consumers, targeted under three different product lines - PCs for common people, for audiovisual creatives and for gamers. Not only a renaming was needed: also a brand restyling and a ecommerce were demanded to meet the project's needs.


The visual design for this project was inspired in the bold simplicity of tech brands such as Apple, Mountain and Dell. Thus, the "Versus PC" brand name was shorted into "VSPC" and a set of three different rebranding propositions drafted, all sharing a common goal: to detach the brand from the regular gaming clichés, in order to make it appealing to its target buyers.


By designing a simple and smart brand, I sought not only to make it attractive to its target consumers, but also easy for any VSPC staff member to apply it on any digital and physical media.

VSPC BRANDING | Brandbook [onclick]


To help introducing the brand to its target audience, an audiovisual marketing campaign for social media networks was accomplished, following a visual storytelling in which the products should be presented in spaces and situations familiar to each buyer persona - from those who just need a computer for daily small tasks, to the most demanding technical professionals, audiovisuals and hardcore gamers audiences.


Art direction
Marta Hita, Alexis Cruzado
Brand design Alexis Cruzado
Brand application Alexis Cruzado, Beatriz Luque, Fran Pezzo
Web design & development Fran Pezzo
Photoshooting Fran Pezzo
Videos concept Daniel Ortiz, Marta Hita, Beatriz Luque, Carolina Bordés, Alexis Cruzado
Videos shooting Daniel Ortiz, Fran Pezzo
Videos postproduction Daniel Ortiz
Brand design Adobe Illustrator
Brand manual Adobe InDesign
Packaging Adobe Illustrator
Product photos Adobe Lightroom | Adobe Photoshop
Product videos Adobe Premiere Pro | Adobe After Effects
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