Art Direction. Graphic Design + Illustration. Motion Graphics. Web Design + Development | 2017 - Present


Transdisciplina A/V is an audiovisual collective that, since 2016, curates live events in which generative art, electronic music and live visuals merge live.

After their absolutely successful string of events in 2016, Transdisciplina A/V core members felt that some quality visual push was needed to help promoting louder and better the project. So, they called on my help to collaborate on this crucial task.


To help improving the online diffusion of each event curated by the Collective - while, at the same time, enriching the project's branding narrative - I am entrusted the creation of an original and unique (audio)visual concept for each event, the which comes embodied in the main marketing comms of each event (print and motion poster plus social media images and short motion graphics clips).



In addition to a website and merchandising items, from the 6th edition to the present day I have designed a bespoke poster for each event curated by the collective, made of clear and clean typographic compositions over glitchy backgrounds, moving in sync motion with a musical mix made with tracks and sounds from the artists invited to each edition.



Using WordPress and enough HTML5 and CSS3 to customize several details, I designed and developed a landing page for the Transdisciplina A/V collective. Through the page you can find all the relevant info about the project, as well as book tickets for any of their live music and visuals events.

TRANSDISCIPLINA A/V | Website browsing: click on pic | [visit online]


Art direction Alexis Cruzado, Alejandro Lévar
Design & illustration Alexis Cruzado
Motion graphics Alexis Cruzado, Biktor Kero (on T#10 Poster)
Web design & developing Alexis Cruzado
Design & illustration Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Photoshop
Motion graphics Adobe After Effects
Web design Adobe Photoshop
Web developing WordPress | PHP | jQuery | HTML5 | CSS3 | Javascript
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