Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration | 2019


There is nothing more unappealing for a centennial gamer than a classic Christmas sales campaign… But, what if we put Santa and the Three Wise Men to compete for VS Gamers fanbase's love through a contest? In which they'll be shown as vulnerable and longing for emotional support... And, to put the icing on the cake, what if in that contest we were giving away to VS Gamers fanbase a full gaming setup and special discounts on selected brands? Campaign's concept, set!


Setting the campaign's tone was a work I shared with Atlas Informática Audiovisual Dept.: prior to start filming and designing anything, we decided how every character should look and act like in the push videos which would be the campaign's main assets: Santa, the magic man in a sorry state; the Three Wise Men, brothers in arms (and at permanent war).


With a proper plot and both characters' and campaign's look & feel set, the main effort was to shoot a couple of videos for social media networks, which should act as a hook to funnel VS Gamer's fanbase and further audience to a landing page in which they could vote for the character they loved the most. To help pushing even more the difussion of this campaign, I designed too a wide set of banners and pictures to be published in blogs, websites and social media ads.

Santa promo video   click on pic

Kings promo video   click on pic


Art direction Marta Hita, Daniel Ortiz, Alexis Cruzado
Characters design Daniel Ortiz, Fran Pezzo, Alexis Cruzado
Conceptual design & illustration Alexis Cruzado
Design application Fran Pezzo, Daniel Ortiz, Alexis Cruzado
Web design Alexis Cruzado
Web development Antonio Baena
Motion graphics Alexis Cruzado
Promo videos Daniel Ortiz
Video shootings Daniel Ortiz, Fran Pezzo
Video postproduction Daniel Ortiz
Characters photoshootings Fran Pezzo
Characters photos edition Fran Pezzo
Visual concept (characters, letterings, colour palette) Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Photoshop
Characters photos Adobe Lightroom | Adobe Photoshop
Motion graphics Adobe Photoshop | Adobe After Effects
Videos Adobe Premiere Pro | Adobe After Effects
Landing page design Adobe Photoshop
Landing page development Bootstrap | Visual Studio | HTML5 | CSS3 | JavaScript
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