Illustration & Motion Graphics | 2016


BoomBox was an itinerant audiovisual project that multimedia artist Azael Ferrer conceived to tour cities, festivals and unconventional spots with a ludical device, made to make everyone that came across its path get evaded from the limited and boring experience of urban spaces.

BOOMBOX | Official logo

BOOMBOX | Logo variations (left to right):
Sound System | Art Installation | Party Maker
Open Stage | Dance Floor | Lightbox


A promo video was needed to help introducing the project to festivals and cultural institutions: sound systems are neither common nor easy to explain outside certain underground cultural scenes and cities. The video would also serve as an audiovisual asset to be published on social media and thus generate some traffic around the BoomBox project and its (now, offline) website.


Using as a base the footage of a BoomBox tour through the city, I added layers of informative text about the project, plus a motion graphics intro generated from a simple pair of original typographic illustrations I made for this project's marketing application.


Art direction Alexis Cruzado
Illustration Alexis Cruzado
Motion graphics Alexis Cruzado
Video recording Marina M Luna
Video edition Victor Meliveo
Illustration Adobe Illustrator
Motion graphics Adobe After Effects
Video edition Adobe Premiere Pro
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