Video Edition. Motion Graphics | 2023

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ELCAMM is a private music academy that, since 2012, has been transmitting values for life through music to its students, using a teaching system that combines rigor, enjoyment and play.

ELCAMM completes its training offer with specific workshops for musicians. Sometimes, some workshops have a hard time getting off the ground. To help generate conversions for the Music Management Course, extra special work was done.


In order to gather as many registrations as possible for this online course, we opted for a digital marketing strategy. The information and booking process was collected in a post on the ELCAMM blog, which acted as both a landing and conversion page to which sponsored posts on Meta's social media would lead.

Following ELCAMM's branding guidelines, I designed and animated one of the key leads conversion assets: a promotional video published on Meta's social networks as a sponsored post.


As an asset made to generate leads, I designed and animated a promotional video that was published on Meta's social networks as a sponsored post.

The target achieved with this video was to explain in less than a minute - and in a simple and fun way - what the online workshop was about, as well as managing to gather the minimum number of alumni required to carry it out.


Art direction Narita, Alejandro Lévar
Design Alexis Cruzado
Video edition Alexis Cruzado
Design Adobe Photoshop
Video edition Adobe Premiere Pro
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