Graphic Design & Illustration. Motion Graphics | 2022


NolaptopFest is a small festival that organizes workshops and launches live electronic music and visuals acts, all of them generated exclusively with analogue tools. Since its first edition, this experiences have been curated by its mastermind, Chinowski Garachana.

After the 2020-2021 years gap (due to the COVID crisis), a collection of short motion clips for social media platforms were needed, so to help promoting more extensively the 2022 edition.


Following the brand guidelines of the project and taking the video's assets from the official poster of the 2022 edition, a clip was made for each artist selected for the event, plus a motion adaptation of the official poster into an Instagram post and an Instagram story short clip.


During the ten days prior to the event, a video of each artist was published every day on social networks, along with brief information about their work and links to their website and social networks (Bandcamp, Vimeo, etc.). These short videos, together with the planning and writing of the action, attracted a larger audience than in previous editions, proving that this strategy was really effective.

NOLAPOTP FEST | 2022 edition motion clips (click on the thumbnails to watch the videos)

NOLAPTOP FEST 2022 | Official poster adaptated to Instagram Post

NOLAPTOP FEST 2022 | Official poster adaptated to Instagram Story


Art direction Alexis Cruzado
Design & Illustration Alexis Cruzado
Motion Graphics Alexis Cruzado
Assets Chinowski Garachana, Bacterio Electron, various authors
Design & Illustration Adobe Photoshop
Motion Graphics Adobe After Effects
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