Graphic Design & Illustration. Motion Graphics | 2023


Transdisciplina A/V is an audiovisual collective that, since 2016, curates live events in which generative art, electronic music and live visuals merge live. To help promoting online and offline the celebration of their 2023 first event, I was entrusted the design of its main advertising application: an original poster.


The creative process towards the final poster for Transdisciplina A/V's 22nd edition was not easy: the two initial proposals I submitted were rejected, despite their elaborate appearance and ambitious themes. These were two:

aka Layers

Concept #01 mixes music technology (pad controller) and avant-garde technology (augmented reality) in a view where an imaginary software starts running, so to display the event's lineup info as if it were contained in AR layers.

aka Fingers

Concept #02 displays each artist's info as if "drawn" by an imaginary finger, in a proposal which combines the usability of a smartphone / tablet (digital world) with the experience of direct drawing on a surface without using any other tool (physical world).

The creative solution for this project came from  empowering the client, an uncommon practice which proved to be very effective in this particular case.


The definitive poster was made through a collaborative work process, in which we all contributed to its final design. From the resulting static composition, I developed a motion graphics version for social networks, based on two thematic axes:

01. The all-seeing eye
On one hand, this project is based on the voracious desire of our eyes to take in everything, whether watching from the central tower of Bentham's Panopticon or looking inside Jorge Luis Borges' Aleph.

02. Entertainment culture
On the other hand, the project revolves around the insane speed of this phygital and audiovisual landscape we call Reality - and in whose infinite catalogue of stimuli we try to stand out with the works and gestures we create from our own private Harlem.

All this, together with Rob Clouth's music, gave life to an animated poster that had a great reach on social networks.


Art direction Alexis Cruzado
Design Alexis Cruzado, Alejandro Lévar
Sound Rob Clouth
Motion graphics Alexis Cruzado
Design Adobe Photoshop
Motion graphics Adobe After Effects
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