Brand Visual Development | 2017


Transdisciplina A/V is an audiovisual collective that, since 2016, curates live events in which generative art, electronic music and live visuals merge live.

After the succesful string of 2016 season's events, its core members felt that some quality visual push (in particular, on its brand) was needed to help spreading the project. So, they called on my help to collaborate on this crucial task.


Although the Collective's logo was not designed by me, I did its careful vectorization, so to ensure it could be perfectly displayed into any possible application - posters, websites, dossiers, invoices.


To help preserving Transdisciplina A/V's corporate image, I designed a brief Brandbook meant to guide press media and institutions on how to apply the Collective's brand. Along came also a couple of documents - a Presskit and a Dosser - made to communicate the Collective's history and scope.


Art direction Alexis Cruzado, Alejandro Lévar
Logo design Pablo Pecino
Logo vectorization Alexis Cruzado
Documents layout (Brandbook, Dossier, Presskit) Alexis Cruzado
Logo design Adobe Illustrator
Documents layout (Brandbook, Dossier, Presskit) Adobe InDesign
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